cinnamon sugar pecans


We wanted to give our landlord something small as a “thank you and we really appreciate you” without feeling like we needed to go out and buy something he may or may not even want. I love reading this blog because Natalie is so incredibly thrifty, creative, and  good at making something simple so very beautiful. I’ve been more inspired to really use what we have and think outside of the box. We have such power in our day to day lives to make people feel known and appreciated. I’m not the best at using those opportunities but I want to work on really seeking those out and using the small moments to make people feel loved.

We ended up making these cinnamon sugar pecans, cutting down the sugars to 1 c. each. I still think you could cut it back even more, but these are such a delicious treat and simple to make and gift! I used a mason jar that we already had, added a bit of fabric from my scraps and tied a tag on with twine. So easy and it didn’t cost us a thing to make!