preparing for this season

Tree - Car w Edits

I cannot believe it is DECEMBER, let alone the 10th. One week from today I will be done with my first semester of grad school which is a miracle in and of itself. The last month has flown by and we are doing all that we can to make the most of the holiday season. This year is our first Christmas as a MARRIED COUPLE. It has been a time of establishing new traditions and really seeking what this time means. Each day we read from this advent book and it has been challenging in a very good way. Advent is the promise of His coming and we are waiting in anticipation.

tree2Last weekend we adventured out to Lollis Tree Farm in Rudy, Arkansas. The people there were so friendly and it was such a fun atmosphere. I can’t wait to visit again next year.

Our house and tree are decorated almost entirely with things that have been given to us or bought at the thrift store. Adjusting to a budget has had its ups and downs, but I’m especially thankful for it now. I don’t want to get caught up in the shiny and new and pretty wrapping of Christmas. I want to remember the birth of a savior, the fulfillment of a promise 6,000 years before. The same promise that is as true today as it was then.


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